Lok sex games

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Lok sex games

Another game in our collection that based on The Legend of Krystal engine. This time it's an arcade. Our character is a sexy princess of demons. Tons of ugly lustful monters invaded her kingdom. They murdered her father and going to rape her sister. Now you should help that beauty to clean her home world.

Game loading. Hide this guide. Name: Register Your Comment:. Jonny Fourth: Quit a losing game. Nikki Hi I'm stuck in the stage. Really thank you! Much obliged. Jub is there no way to beat the Worm Boss? I will bookmark your blog and test once more right here regularly. Best of luck for the following! France escortes Interesting read.

Thanks for sharing. We simply love your charming article and pls continue it. Anonymous Lok sex games click on her claw when she's sitting on the forums button. And he in reality purchased me breakfast because I discovered it for him. So let me reword that: Thnx for the treat! But yeah Thnkx for spending the time to debate this, I really feel strongly about it and love reading extra on this topic.

Lok sex games

If potential, as you turn into experience, would you thoughts updating your blog with more particulars? It is highly helpful for me. Huge thumb up for this blog put up! Anonymous how do attack. LOL I'm going to Cum!!!!!!!

Static Great game. Controls - w a s d - movement q - seduce need red bar w - masturbate to increase red bar once create seduced walk up to it. Press space bar to proceed through animation Each encounter gives you a red crystal Each kill gives you a green crystal After each level spend crystals to get powerups. QandA Using "F" to fight. No test, no information, no interactive, stupid game, delete this shit from playlist!

Anonymous here is a little help for the people who cant figure out how to kill the last monster its not unbetable get far from him so he throws bolders at you then hit a and the bolder will go back and hit him keep it up intill the shield is gone lok sex games seduse him have max red and green by crouching and letting the a dog fk you. Anonymous my controls don't even work. ItaCurious i don't like much this kind of platform Jrhonen on the screen where it says: Talk Take Nap Make Offering Continue if you click on her front nipple the fairy will turn into a dick.

Anaallen Check my profile :. Look in the Legend of Krystal forums for new versions, but there isn't one yet. Anonymous demon lok sex games Anonymous:way to steal someone else game eh? Anonymous demon lover ok so at the worm i found out how to take the shield down but i cant get past that part do i keep attacking the pink glowing things?

HornyLesbian any girls that wanna have fun. Anonymous Just keep pressing q to fuck n suck them.

Lok sex games

Otherwise an alright game. Emilioedj any girls that wanna have fun add me on msn. Dexxi How the fuck do you get past the bosses????? LOL lol f-punch decrease armor from mini boss and kill missile and minions a-back jump d-walk foward w-masturbate q-charm to fuck u ; that is all i guess Anonymous what a terrible game Me Likey Also like the look in her sister's eyes when she deepthroats her. Me Likey This is pretty awsome.

I like it when you can take a nap and fuck the creatures and her sister. My favorites were the trace and the brute. She has to hang from his dick. Then the trace fucks her with his dick and his head. Nomad This game is a piece of shit. DAWE how do I destroy the other big monster underground?

Lok sex games

Anonymous Zerg units? L beat the bosses up till their white line is gone, then seduce them, anyways to restore health? Funny how she gets impregnated with an alien baby.

Lok sex games

Disturbing but funny! Nerd Haha Tiger wie kriege ich den Wurm der aus der Decke Kaput camz. Tiger wie kriege ich den wurm kaput hilfe. Sebson Where do i find a updated version of this game?? Reju How can I beat the worm boss? And which girl wants to fuck such monsters? The proper name for this game is Sakyubasu no Tatakai. More updated version found on lok sex games forum. H scenes are good but controls - stupid,not good game at all. Madlord Click on her right nipple in the house for fun times.

Able They now have to be paid for IrenneBaby scenes are hot of course, like with all LoK games WildAnimal After all this time Same games, all over again Anonymous i can get the worms armor down but i cant find what to hit next u have to hit the sides that glow when it attacks. Help Also need help with the Underground boss. Noth It's isn't finished so wait for the full version.

Sebson i can't get passt any bosses how to fuck them?? Sebson How do i get the shield won on the bosseS? Lok sex games : Can't get past the underground dick head Anonymous To beat boss, use backflip to deflect rocks back to him. After his armour is down, hold down Q for a while. Drowndin I can get the giants armor down but i cant beat him.

MasterMind Hold Q to charm the dog until it stand on two feet then run into it for a different fuck scene. Drowndin I cant beat the giant!!! XD can anyone beat the underground boss? G6 When that great thing throws you rock respond it with A button of your keyboard he will start to taking damage. KateGirl how do u even play this??? T1H2xT43 i cant make it past the level boss :. Small hint Ok, update.

Lok sex games

Controls are as follows, Q charms a dog, uses up some red bar, W masturbates to restore red bar, killing dogs also restores it, hitting Q and letting a dog run into you causes them to fuck you, hit space bar to go through the fuck scene. SanaTaikai God the controls on this are godawful. Small hint If you hit Q after killing a couple of the flying lok sex games To get red bar up it will charm the dogs, then when after they're charmed let them run into you and they'll fuck you, not sure from there.

TuToriAl a-is for backflip s-is to crouch d-is for running forward f-is to atack press s the f to kill the small land mosters w-is to masturbate it brings your red bar up. Tutorial f attack q something with red bar you know w a s d. Anonymous how to get past the giant thingy? Anonymous 1!!!

Lok sex games

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