Indecent desires game

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I'm currently working on Indecent Indecent desires game, an adult visual novel with choices that influence gameplay. It's currently in development, with Chapter 8 already finished and playable. You can see the progress on the game's Patreon. Please check out my Patreon for more news and updates! The underlying theme of this story is blackmail mixed with corruption, power and much more The main content of the story will be highlighted with interested twists that unfold as each character develops.

Log in with itch. Hey I like the game so far and im thinking about the patreon. OR atleast make it an option and not "Landlady" instead of "mom" or "roomate" instead of "sister". I know that, im not asking them to change the game for everyone. I Want toknow if, at some point in the future, options to toggle certain fetishes will be added. I like some of the fetishes but not all and it can be hard to find games with all the fetishes you want.

Indecent desires game not trying to take away the things that you like. Indecent Desires - the Game - v. For the latest version please visit our patreon at www. Are we gonna get a charcter with smaller boobs? The Intro contains Chapters 1 to 6.

You can download the latest android version at www. If you played the free version then, yes, it's short as it's only the intro. You can download the latest version at www. Vilelab please the game for Android and please update the version it shows aka chapter 6 but ended very soon. By the way amazing work loved the concept and the content and visuals are awesome keep it up. Could you please more content for Android and it shows aka chapter 6 but ended with the Russian stuff.

I was only able to play first part but it says there are 6 chapters? Can you do a full upto date chapter download so we can get access to all current content? In pool with Aiko first time she's cleaning the house after school started, picking the choise that's supposed to give obidense really gives nothing.

Indecent desires game

I'd bet there's more stuff like this in the game. And indecent desires game I've said earlyer, there's no way of knowing where to go or who to talk to for triggering events. Last time I said this I got the reply to pay attention to what thay said and look for clues in what they saying, but that only works like the few first minutes of the game. There's also a lot of time when a character says or think something that would make more logic coming from MC. I'm wondering if the creator of this game have tried it themselfs, if not I think they should.

I'm playing android version, can't figure out how to use "back slide" to go backward in story. I've only gotten this to work on pc with a mouse using my mouse wheel. I would definitely pay for a full game, but was very sad at ending so short.

Best game like this I've played so far. Thank you. The latest version contains at least times more content compared with the free version and is still in development with new content added every month. Thank you for your feedback. Please pay attention to the story for hints and if you get stuck you can download the step by step walkthrough.

Indecent desires game

Is it normal that in version v. Was the game supposed to end right after the pool party? I feel like the screenshot on this advertising the game shows some stuff I never got the chance to see? I hope I didn't some how end the game sooner then expected I had no hints and even have multiple saves just in case.

Any idea when we might be able to expect more content, it's interesting love the graphics and all though I definitely want to see where this goes I am hoping that you eventually get to fuck all 3 family members and their friends and actuall be in control of the situation, right now it feels indecent desires game he's just getting by on luck and isn't really getting any action, for cousins especially Kate with how flirty and open they are you'd think they might have fucked by now, I guess what I might be saying is so far it's a lot of teasing I want to see if it's possible to save Aiko in same way and maybe get her on my side and make her a horny ally I'm actually kinda interested in seeing the sisters be friendly and on my side and maybe work on some sort of plot against Sarah, I definitely don't trust her and don't like they way she treats Aiko.

You can get the latest version on patreon www. The version you downloaded here is the free version. The lastest update it has times more content.

Indecent desires game

It is compatible for android you just download the one with the Linux picture it says android and it works. We are releasing new content new versions every month. Please check our patreon www. Can you make the download compatible with the itch. It would make the download process a lot easier for me and most likely other people as well. Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Indecent Desires. Storyline : The underlying theme of this story is blackmail mixed with corruption, power and much more More information.

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Indecent desires game

Oct 09, Apr 17, Mar 13, Aug 15, Feb 12, Comments Log in with itch. Llightk 26 days ago. Chr1stown 30 days ago. Edit: i tried to fix the formatting, for some reason the text box refused to let me fix it. Patreon Subscribestar Enjoy! VileLab 54 days ago. Hroide days ago. Does it have default MC name? You can chose the name of the MC. When are you going to make the latest version available here?

Posedian days ago. VileLab days ago. Silveradotim days ago. Story short do I have to pay watch the rest? Does this have lesbian scenes in it? That is what I am mostly interested in. Adultanimehd days ago. Gaij76 days ago Will you be adding the next update eventually? VileLab 1 year ago. Deleted post 1 year ago. Deleted 1 year ago. DarkestPaladin days ago.

Spadanus 1 year ago. MysticaX 1 year ago 1 edit. We just made the following versions available at lower tiers: Indecent Desires - the Game - v. When is the next update? I'm getting an error when I try to save. How can I fix it? Windows indecent desires game, macOSLinux.

Indecent desires game

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