A walk home furry game guide

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Updated This one is embarassing, i don't know how that one slipped through :X Sorry! Your Save Fale should carry over to the new version! If you lost your save through a bug you still can continue where you left off! No shame in that! To Acess the cheat menu spoiler warning! You will need a somewhat decent gaming rig in order to play. Nothing too fancy, but just don't expect the game to run smoothly with onboard graphics or something like that. So, here we go. My first venture into the world of Video Games! I always wanted to make a Video Game.

Since this is my first time doing something like this, don't expect all too much. It will be a tad buggy, a tad ugly, and a tad poorly optimized. But I made it and I'm proud of it : I'll plan on doing more Games, or at least interactive experiences, in the future, it was real fun! Let me know what you think! Any a walk home furry game guide will be greatly appreciated and really helps me out with making more Animations and Games! Game 5, CG 1, Blender 2, Beastiality interactive poledance download 1, Poledancer 53 Rapeandrun 9.

Posted 08 Dec 13, views 36 faves 42 comments 12 votes. Social Networks. Fenris 3 years ago 1. I love this game! It's really great for a first attempt not that my opinion matters, never even thought about making one myself. I love Kemmy, he's so cute. Is it wrong to say I'd like to visit this city some time? Kemonokun 3 years ago 0. When you do visit the citiy be sure to do it at full moon. I hear theres a lot of fun to be had : Glad to hear you had fun with the game!

Fenris 3 years ago 0. I might stay for a week over a full moon. Maybe visit the park a couple of nights as well, hehe. Also, I just wanted to say I love the imagination in this game. Dolphinlover 3 years ago 0. You can run with shift and jump with space : Especially in the second level watch some of the graffitis in the background, they should give you some indication on what you can do!

Lainedramon 3 years ago 0. So just found the gatekeeper in the park level. Please tell me that his outfit was a bit of an easter egg, because I love it. ChimeraAO 3 years ago 0. I'd live there. Probably work there too.

A walk home furry game guide

Egaelion 3 years ago 1. I am totally loving this game!

A walk home furry game guide

Thanks a lot! Egaelion 3 years ago 0. But others complained about lost save files too. I am looking into the issue, but i am completly unable to recreate the bug on my System, Save games work fine, no matter what i do. May i ask, what OS are you using? Kiing Darius 3 years ago 0. The game is pretty fun! The FOV presents some issues when trying to sprint, like running directly into enemies.

As well, the second boss fight is pretty difficult thanks to this FOV. The throwing knives don't help lmao. StarRunner01 3 years ago 0. Any way I can play this on mac?

A walk home furry game guide

Redan 3 years ago 0. For me, the engine just crash at the opening menu.

A walk home furry game guide

Did it work with the old version? And is there any kind of error message or does it just close up? It didn't work on both version. Some times it close up when the music start or when the fox come a walk home furry game guide an error message saying that unreal engine 4 crash and the crash reporter appear.

Other times the game bug I am asked to use a debugger that froze. I don't know yet what's causing it. Can you give me some more specs about your system? Sorry, i've researched and found nothing so far. I've ed a newer Version a couple of days ago with some Bugfixes, maybe that one will work for you the download link above is updated. Otherwise, if there are logs attached or something in your crash report, could you please send that information my way?

I would love to see someone d a walkthrough of this I mean I own a mac book pro an old one at that so the chance of me being able to play this low I would love to see gameplay of this and I bet many people would as well which would help with support. One by Mystbunny. Guardian Phoenix 3 years ago 0. I've not tested it myself recently, but with UE4 the option to build for other desktop platforms, provided you use an out-the-box no addons that could cause incompatibility should be rather easy and is almost just a few extra clicks in the build menus. I run on Linux personally after ditching windows earlier last year.

I used addons along the way, sadly i don't know if they cause that. Aw, that's unfortunate. Could have been the addons; can't really say for sure. When I get my life sorted out doing GameDev myself! I think you made the box art TOO good. If you tried to make an actual product box out of it, Nintendo would sue your tail off for copyright infringement and plagerism! Lol, knowing them they even might XD. Really love the game, the idea, the story, characters, everything in it, pretty well done too! Although strangely enough, the sex scenes look a lot better in the stages than in the gallery.

Awesome work anyways, again, really loved it. Thanks a lot : Really glad to hear you enjoyed it! Fluffy Daemon 3 years ago 0. Hey, I'd like to play your game, but mega.

A walk home furry game guide A walk home furry game guide

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